Virtual sales meeting during COVID times

Strategy, Video Production, Post-Production, Live broadcasting

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Sigler Wholesale Distributors is the largest HVAC company on the west coast based out of Tolleson, AZ. During the 2020 Covid Pandemic, the whole country was forced to lockdown leaving only essential businesses to operate. The HVAC industry was deemed essential due to high end filtration systems proving vital to help combat this terrible situation and keep the air breathed inside of homes and offices safe. Under normal circumstances, the company does an all employee sales meeting every year to introduce new products, safety protocols, and other information crucial to the success of the business in the upcoming year. Since travel restrictions were in place and it was not safe to meet in large groups, they needed another solution to convey their message and bring the company together.


We met with Sigler and provided the solution – if employees can’t come to you, you come to them. We pitched them on doing the whole meeting virtually and creating a series of interviews, product videos, safety videos, and more, all to be live streamed to the company. They loved it and we got to work. Sitting with executives to plan out all the details we took a crew to Arizona and filmed every aspect of the business, retail shops, interviews with key players, distribution, and more. Because they have two main suppliers and reps in different regions, we had to make 8 different versions of this 1.5 hour event with different branding and messaging. After all the production and post-production, we worked with Sigler to lay out a streaming schedule, and live-streamed it to each region as if it was a live production. The engagement and retention was over 90% and the client was extremely happy. They were able to save money compared to flying the whole company to one place, lodging, and per-diems, and was able to get the company focused on everything important for the following year.